Computer Science Technical Reports Project

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The Computer Science Technical Reports (CS-TR) project is a now-completed cooperative venture of

to create a prototype on-line library of scanned images of technical reports. The M. I. T. part of this venture was a joint activity of the Library 2000 group of the M. I. T. Laboratory for Computer Science and the M. I. T. Libraries. This joint activity scanned in high resolution more than 1,000 M. I. T. Computer Science Technical reports, archived the images to CD-ROM, and placed processed versions of most of the reports on-line for public access.

In 1995 the project was expanded to encompass many other university sources world-wide, under the name Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library (NCSTRL). NCSTRL is now a production service with several entry points. The M. I. T. entry point is managed by the M.I.T. Libraries. The M. I. T. technical reports are also available via an FTP service at host, in the directory "/pub/cstr/".


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